Breasts are shapes.

So we re-engineered how we make and sell bras, starting from each breast.

Powered by 3D printing.

Become the blueprint of your custom bra

Our bras are custom-fit to each of your breast's unique shape, powered by 3D printing.

We are currently licensing our technology to Lingerie Brands and Factories.

3D-Fit technology

Comfort shaped from your body.
From 3D Scanning
To Custom-Fit

How does it work?

3 easy steps to create your custom-bra
Pick your custom-bra style

Whether we are collaborating with a brand, or launching our own product, pick the style you love — no size needed.

3D scan yourself on your iPhone

Download your unique access to our 3D scanning app, BreastID, in the e-mail that you receive after purchase. Be careful, our app only works on iPhones X and above.

Get your custom-fit bra

In 4 weeks you'll receive your custom-made bra!

Pick your custom-bra style
3D scan yourself on your iPhone
Get your custom-fit bra

Sustainable Inclusivity

Two of the biggest challenges in Lingerie are Inclusivity and Sustainability.

We believe that it all comes down to changing the way we make and sell bras : starting from your breast.

Our technology embraces all morphologies, with fast on-demand custom production, radically reducing over-production, sizing stocks, and waste.

That's why we are licensing our tech to global lingerie brands to broadcast
a new sustainable standard to the industry: yours.


ChloéBoobylicious all the time

I've been wearing the brand for quite some time now. It doesn't dig into the skin, it holds my tits greatly, and I just feel boobylicious all the time when I wear it.

George KaSupport without conforming

I don't really recognize myself in the bra of other brands. I was fed up with putting on anything, but sometimes I need something that is also functional. Braave offers support that is modern and doesn't conform to the male gaze aesthetic.

MarciaA bra for my 9 hour workday

I'm a second-chef in a kitchen, so I needed something supportive for long days on my feet, moving, carrying, and cooking. Braave finally made that bra!

Reine-hermioneFinally, a bra for me!

For a long time I searched for something beautiful and comfortable, and with Braave I found it.

We believe, then we build.

360 Sustainability

We use only recycled and eco-friendly raw material and our bras, made on-demand are modular to evolve through your life with your body.

Slow Fashion

We are standing against fast fashion. Our products are made by function: to support your breasts. They are produced with the highest quality - we believe in the One - Less & Better.

Bank-level security

We know (because we met +5000 of you!)- that your data security is #1 priority. Thus we structured our security as safely as a bank system. + no pictures are taken, and all scans are anonymised.